SIM Card Multi-Media Reader with SIM Adapters


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Our multi-media reader has been tested to work with SIM Card Seizure and Simcon for forensic investigations. It supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, EXTREME SD, EXTREME II SD, EXTREME III SD, ULTRA SD, ULTRA II SD, ULTRA II SD P PLUS, SD-ULTRA-X, ULTRA SPEED SD, SD PRO, SD ELITE PRO, HS SD, MMC, MMC 4.0, HS MMC, HS RS MMC, RS MMC, RS MMC 4.0, MMC Mobile, M2, MS Pro duo, MS MG Pro, MS MG Pro duo, HS MS MG Pro Duo, HS MS Pro duo, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC, TF, PC Smart Card industry standard PC/SC 1.0 cards such as CAC cards, government ID cards, AKO, OWA, DKO, JKO, etc. (smart card reading software required) media cards. That’s a lot of different types of media. It includes a SIM adapter kit to convert micro and nano SIM to standard SIM size that fits into the reader.