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We have been developing these products for the digital forensic industry for nearly 15 years. You and your customers can benefit from our advanced technology.

We’re in it for the long haul

  • Physical Products Sell

    Even in today’s digital world, people like having a physical product. Our USB based software puts a gadget in your customer’s hands.

  • Software on a USB Drive

    The USB drive acts as the license dongle so it can be used on as many computers and devices as you want. No downloads, no complicated registrations.

  • Retail Packaging

    Whether you stock our products in your store or you have us drop ship direct to your customers, our professional packaging will turn heads.

  • Warranty and Updates

    We’ll replace defective sticks and provide software updates for free for one year. After that, users can get defective sticks replaced for a small handling fee.

MAP Pricing

Keeping control of minimum advertised pricing is essential for preserving the longevity of our products. We maintain strict MAP pricing with our resellers. Not only that, we offer huge reseller discounts to make it worth putting our products in your store.

No Minimum Orders

You can sign up as a Paraben Consumer Software reseller without a minimum order.

Minimizing Your Risk

  • Drop Shipping

    By listing our products in your store without carrying inventory, you minimize your risk and investment.

  • Quantity Discount

    If you do decide to stock up on inventory, you can receive even bigger discounts when you order larger quantities.

Support & Customer Service

Not only do we offer phone and email support to your end users, we have excellent resources to help you succeed as a reseller.

Building relationships

  • Satisfied Customers

    You don’t want to spend your time working with customers after you sell them our products. That’s our job and we do it very, very well.

  • Satisfied Resellers

    We want to make your job easier. We make it easy to place orders, get marketing material, and make sure you have everything you need to succeed as a reseller.

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