Keyboard Keylogger

Keyboard with Built-in Keylogger

Keyloggers can be an essential part of your computer’s security. Whether you need to monitor kids or employee’s activities or you want to preserve work from possible data loss, This keyboard with a built in keylogger has enough storage space to log about 8,000 pages of text or 16 million keystrokes. It’s your computer, it’s time you know what it is being used for.

The Keyboard Keylogger is a USB wired keyboard from a trusted name brand. It is invisible to anti-virus software and offers 128 bit data encryption to protect your data. There is not visible indicators that the keyboard has been modified in any way.


What Makes it Better

The keylogger in this name brand keyboard is produced in the United Kingdom and offers superior quality.


  • 16 MB Memory – Keylogger has 16 MB of internal memory that can store up to 16 million keystrokes or about 8,000 pages of text.
  • 128 bit Encryption – Protect the data collected by keylogger with 28 bit data encryption.
  • Invisible to Anti-Virus Software – No need to worry that your anti-virus software will interfere with the keylogger’s data collection.

More Features

Keyboard Keylogger is a plug and play tool. Plug it into your computer and it immediately starts to record keystrokes


  • Logs 6 Million Keystrokes
  • FAT File System
  • Small and Portable

Keyboard Keylogger can help protect your computer and save hours of lost work.

Keyboard Keylogger




  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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